7 Harmful Things We Need to Stop Using Right Now

As per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 33.1 million individuals in the USA get adversely influenced by household products every year. Regardless of whether those are wounds, deaths, or harm to property, the numbers are as yet startling. Researchers trust it happens for the most part because of the chemical contained in different items.

We at The Bright Post care about Health very much, that is the reason we gathered a list of hazardous regular items that we have to quit utilizing right away.

1.Styrofoam products

It’s been stated several times that the ones Styrofoam takeout bins are bad for our surroundings. The bad information is that Styrofoam doesn’t carry any benefits to our health both. Styrofoam consists of styrene — a toxic chemical that has had a close reference to growing cancer, vision and listening to lose, and worried tool issues and harm. This chemical leaches out and receives into our bodies each time we eat warm food or beverages on Styrofoam plates and cups.

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration is aware of approximately the terrible consequences of this chemical and are doing their satisfactory to restriction its utilization as a lot as feasible.

2.Pressed wood products

That little timber desk status inside the nook of your room isn’t always as harmless as it might seem. The issue is that manufacturers glue together all of the wooden merchandise your table is made from with the help of resin that incorporates urea-formaldehyde, which emits formaldehyde in your room. The horrific information is that the warmer and greater humid your room is, the more formaldehyde pressed wooden emits. Longtime period publicity to this product can cause the development of lung diseases, asthma, or even cancer.

3.Products with antibacterial properties

The fact is that many antibacterial product manufacturers use an element known as triclosan of their products. And now not simplest is it horrific for the surroundings, but for our fitness as properly.Studies have proven that merchandise containing triclosan (which may be shampoos, toothpaste, or even cosmetics) cause liver most cancers amongst mice.

Luckily, in September 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned using triclosan inside the production of antibacterial hand soaps and body washes claiming that there’s no proof showing triclosan works higher than ordinary soap. Still, we should be careful and continually study what each precise product contains.

4.Mosquito coil

It’s hard to imagine a warm evening outside without a mosquito coil slowly smoldering nearby. It seems this simple, but great invention brings nothing but benefits. It turns out that it’s not that simple.

Scientists have made calculations and observed out that the smoke that comes from one burning mosquito coil equals to the smoke of seventy five-137 cigarettes. This quantity exposes any live creature, such as humans, to a huge danger of developing diverse lung illnesses.

5.Air fresheners

Unfortunately, those scent-fighting sprays incorporate elements like terpenes and ethylene-primarily based glycol ethers. The latter is formally called a toxic chemical, while the primary one creates a toxic combination while it interacts with ozone from the air. 

Moreover, they emit a gaggle of other chemical compounds like paradichlorobenzene that damage our health, specifically while used in a small location or in a poorly-ventilated room.


Mothballs are possibly a great manner to keep your woolen clothes secure from moths. However, the vapors they emit while protecting your clothes are very hazardous.

Studies have shown that one in all their primary factors known as paradichlorobenzene is chargeable for inflicting cancer in animals. Though the effect on human health hasn’t been tested, it’s nonetheless encouraged to use those balls with caution.

Some mothballs contain a chemical known as naphthalene, which destroys
purple blood cells if a human is uncovered to it for the long term.

7.Incense sticks

That fine odor that incense sticks create in your house is likewise at the list of the maximum dangerous elements. Just like the mosquito coil, the smoke they emit contains a number of unsafe compounds that affect our health negatively, beginning from growing asthma and other lung illnesses and completing with cancer.

Therefore, we have to be cautious with whatever that burns and gives off smoke, because those products have an effect on our breathing system at once.

Which of these Products are you going to stop using? We would really

like to listen from you in the comments!

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