Unique and Awesome Inventions You Should Know About

1. Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways is exactly what you are thinking after reading the name. In Solar Roadways, these are solar panels which can be used to pave roads, driveways, sidewalks, or any surface meant for walking. Solar wafers which are protected under thick layers of shatter-proof Gorilla Glass can be used to generate electricity from any surface. These solar roadways modules come with hexagonal panels which makes replacement easy. However, Solar Roadways panels can be programmed electronically to show specific markings on the road. The panels can also help to generate enough heat to melt the snow and thus make sure easy walking or driving over them during winters.

2. Eyelights - The First Holographic Car Assistant

Thanks to systems like eyelights, the days of getting distracted from the road while interacting with your car’s infotainment system will soon be over. Eyelights system is a technology which uses a holograph inplace of a real screen to display information such as maps, vital stats related to the car, speed and more. This system allows you to keep an eye on the road while interacting with the system. More, since there is no physical screen, you can easily wave your hand in the air to control the system which makes it super handy. Eyelights system is definitely designed to improve and revolutionize how we interact with cars and is capable of replacing touch interfaces completely.

3. See What's Inside Your Bag in the Darkness

Now, never again dig blindly inside your bag, trying to find something. The built-in LED light in the main compartment of bag gives you a comfortable and energy-efficient solution for the problem of that black abyss in the bag. The built-in LED Light turns on automatically when you open your bag in the dark.

4. CleanseBot - World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

Vacuum cleaner robots, commonly clubbed in the category of Roomba, have been on the rise from past few years. But what about places which are out of Roomba’s reach? For places like your bed, you can use CleanseBot. It is a small cleaning robot which disinfects your bed from unwanted pathogens, especially bacteria such as E.coli. This cleansebot cleaner is built in with 18 AI-backed smart modes to automatically clean any bed area and it has four UV lights to not just sanitize your bedding but also the air. This tiny cleaning robot weight less than half a pound and can be a great companion for your trips, specially when you are not sure about the cleanliness in a hotel, and its compact form and great utility make it one of the most amazing and awesome inventions we have ever witnessed.

5. Padrone Ring - Coolest Mouse Ever

No matter of how sophisticated the trackpads on our laptops get, mouse are still irreplaceable because of the freedom of movement and speed they offer. Padrone Ring is a small and nimble finger ring which can be used as a computer mouse easily. This padrone ring mouse connects to any device over low-energy like bluetooth and supports serveral variety of clicking and scrolling gestures. Most amazing fact about this ring mouse is that it comes in 12 different sizes and is waterproof, that makes easy for you to wear it anywhere you go without worrying about breaking it or frying the internals.

6. Smart Sticky Note Printer - Cubinote

Sticky notes are handy and besides reminding us about important tasks, they keep our desks colorful and lively. Cubinote takes this a step further by letting you print anything on colored sticky notes. Connects this mini printer to any device wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can print anything on these colorful notes even without ink. Cubinote works with a special kind of heat-sensitive paper and uses heat to print on top of this paper, which can be sliced into notes of any length and stuck almost everywhere using the existing adhesive on the back of the paper. Cubinote makes it to our list of cool and awesome inventions for its ease of use and ability to brighten up any workspace.

7. Gloves that Translate Sign language to Speech

These Cool gloves were designed to translate sign language into speech.

8. Cool milk Cartoon

Cool milk cartoon that changes color before expiry.

9. Floating Speakers

Preparing for a pool party ? get these cool floating speakers and amaze your guests. Have a lot of fun !!

10. Samsung Flexible Display

These flexible displays of samsung mobiles are soon going to be on every samsung device .

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