Thermoelectric Generator | Seebeck Power Generation

The interest for sustainable energy is increasing as consumers are ready invest in generating electricity at their home as an alternative to the main power. Thermoelectric Generator is one such device (or a system) which generates electricity from waste heat. This promising technology can solve power crisis at the consumer level. The Generating electricity in present an there is a shortage of fossil fuel, and oil, gas, etc. burning of these are fuels causes environmental problem and like radio activity pollution, global warming etc. So that these (coal, oil, gas) are the limiting of resources hence resulting new technology is needed for electricity generation, by a using thermoelectric generators to generate power as a most of promising technology and environmental free and several advantages in production.

Small Thermoelectric Generators:-

The Thermoelectric generators are all solid-state devices that convert heat into electricity. Unlike traditional dynamic heat engines of thermoelectric generators contain no a moving parts of completely silent. A thermoelectric produces electrical power from of heat flow across a temperature gradient. Recently, the field of thermoelectric materials is rapidly growing on with the discovery of complex, high-efficiency materials. The energy is density of a combustible fuel is 10 to 100 times that of a battery.

Thermoelectric Power Generators or Seebeck Power Generation:-

The term thermoelectric is combination of two words thermo and electric and as its name indicates thermal means heat energy and electric means electrical energy. The Thermoelectric power generators are the devices which used of to convert temperature and difference between two junctions into a electrical energy. A working of thermoelectric generator is based on the Seebeck effect. According to a which, a loop of two dissimilar metal develops an emf when a two junctions are kept at different temperature. That is why it is a also referred as Seebeck Power Generation.

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