Top Most Enthralling Robotic Inventions | Latest Robot Technology

Robots and artificial intelligence are the technologies powering in the computation towords world. It’s best enthralling to adapt artificial intelligence in robots devices.

Latest Robot Technology

Latest Entrolling Robotic Technology

Latest Robot Technology

Robote is a machine to perform a task traditionally by human being. Robots are widely used in industries as automobile manufacture to perform simple itrative task, and in industries this reduce the work that must be performed in environments to human.

The most enthralling robotic inventions that have been proved to a potential that update the way mankind transacts, shops or goes about the daily chores. Here are the most enthralling Robotic Inventions that can help to put together a picture of where the future of the industry deserved.

The robot suitcase

Latest Robot Technology

Recently involved ForwardX CX-1, it is also called as Ovis is an autonomous part of luggage designed to follow you around as you make instruction wise or as per your choice and everywhere in between.

This is an autonomous suitcase has been commercially launched in Indiegogo with early bird pricing. The robotic suitcase has been manufactured with a pair of eyes and brain, which is represented with wheeled gadget and computer vision, armed with the intelligence and cognition to tackle complex problems. This is used to predict the user path while avoiding obstacles.


Latest Robot Technology

Robomart is the grossary store, and it is the world’s first driving store. Robomart uses the NVIDIA autonomous drive platform. This is build with artificial intelligence and able to automatic unlock the vehicle, surround perception to alert the driver to hazards, gesture recognition for user controls, natural language understanding to control voice and driver distraction by tracking gaze. The robot is a blessing to all food retailers who can lease the technology, and this autonomously fulfill online grocery orders at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour.

Somnox Sleep Robot

Latest Robot Technology

The Somnox Sleep Robot is a device that assert to enhance quality of sleep. It is a soft-robotic that improve the quality of sleep and uses breathing regulation and audio to help fall a sleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up at the optimal time through a smart alarm.

Boston Dynamics

Latest Robot Technology

The Boston Dynamics is the robot device, it has come with the agile robots, has a first commercial products into the market. Boston Dynamics is the best for the development of big dog. Boston Dynamic is the best know as a big dog robot design for the miltery purpose. It is mostly used to support for the security, delivery, and for the home assistance application.

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