Solar Power Trees | Beneficial In A Land-Scarce Economy

This is a solar tree, a structure of incorporating solar energy in technology on a single pillar, of this solar tree and like a tree trunk. Its may be a solar art-work or a functional of power generator. its a Benefits of solar tree, Solar trees may build awareness and interest in solar technology and also provide shade and meeting places.

Solar Trees Are Beneficial In A Land-Scarce Economy:-

The working of a solar tree is much like that of a real one leaf-like solar panels connected through metal branches using sunlight to make energy.Availability of land of installing solar panels on a large scale is often a hurdle in the progress of renewable energy. A solution to this is a planting solar trees, which are the more fitting , using little space. A Solar trees are complementary to rooftop of solar systems, or other green building are measures, symbolizing these larger investments and their environmental

Solar Tree Project:-

Solar tree project was initiated by the SB IEEE IAS (Student Branch IEEE Industrial Applications Society) at the University of Sarajevo. the Solar tree is a metal construction that resembles a real tree. Solar panels are mounted on top of each branch. Generated energy will be available to everyone and it’ll be used for charging batteries of mobile phones and portable computers. This paper describes the necessary steps required for a successful completion of this project.

How To Make Solar Power A Win-Win For All Parties :-

The cost of solar power has touched a new low—tariff reached Rs 3.15 per unit on April 11, surpassing the earlier lowest of Rs 3.30 per unit achieved in Rewa Solar Park (RSP) in February 2017. One of main reason for this fall in solar cost is the falling price of solar modules, which have a fallen around 30 percent of during 2016-17 the other reason is the bench-mark set by the RSP, which forced of the developers to quotes low. RSP through its a unique project of a structuring has set new standards for other projects. The Ministry of a New or recover Energy recently released a set of draft wind power of guidelines to resolve some of industry’s issues, and provide a fair and secure system of payments.

Benefits Of Solar Tree:-

A Solar tree is made of metal structure and have solar panels at the top of instead of branches of real tree.In this Main body of solar tree is a simple hollow tube closed at one end to enable the attachment of the upper,And smaller rod which should carry the upper panel. This panel is placed high above the other panels at a vertical angle. The angle provides a constant area for the sunlight regardless of the sun trajectory during the day. The height at a where it is placed on enables a greater panel area which will be not cover the lower placed panels.

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