Smart Note Taker Final Documentation And Seminar PPT with pdf report .

This provides facility to people who want to make notes promptly. It can be used in many ways. This technology provides the people a facility of print notes in air while being busy in their are work.This reduces the time and promote life.A part from this is also proved to be very useful for bushwhack that think and write freely. It is also very useful in contact conversations between two people because there is need of note taking some times. It’s also useful specially for adviser in presentations. The adviser may not want to present the lecture in front of the board. The drawn figure can you processed and directly sent to the server computer in the room. The server computer then can program the drawn shape through network to all of the computers which are present in the room. Through this way the lectures are directed to be extra efficient and fun. This product will be simple but powerful.

Taker Seminar and PPT with pdf report:

The smart note taker is an amazing product and it’s satisfying the users with it’s amazing qualities,in this product can be utilized in many ways. The smart note taker furnishes the user by the aiding them in taking the fast and simple to the active people.The smart note taker is a very useful product for the instructors in pres entations because the instructor may want to be use the board to draw the figures for the better understanding, the figures drawn by the smart note taker will be directly transmitted to be server computer in the room and the server computer broadcast the data to all the systems in the room through the network.

Smart Pen:-

The Smart Pen is a device that feature a fat pen or stylus, but contains a tiny computer and a set of sophisticated sensors that record and analyze every motion, and then transmit this information to a near by computer via infrared, radio or direct electric signal .A Smart Pen helps a computer to recognize hand written or drawn input.en.

Feature of Smart Note Taker:

This accessory is very helpful and blind people.It identifies nearly twenty-two languages and also very helpful for the people to give the presentations.With the help of smart note taker hand written notes will be instantly converted into editable text The subscribers are apart from each other while their talk, and they are may want to use cost or texts to understand themselves better.

Features & Benefits:-

 The smart note taker are converts in to the handwritten notes and editable text. This device is very helpful for the dark people. It plays is vital role where two people change the information over are the phone by providing the feature of using images and text that aids the communication.


1)Smart note taker is reliable and powerful.
2)Smart note taker is used for instructors in presentations.
3)So we get information in very fast and easy way. Hence it is time saving.

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