Paper Battery Power Source | The Working And Construction Of Future Batteries

The paper battery is a thin, And flexible energy production or storage device that is formed this combining carbon nanotubes with a conventional sheet of cellulose based paper. In addition to being disposable, paper batteries may be folded,this papper battery cut or otherwise shaped for different types applications without any loss of integrity or efficiency.A paper battery is an energy source of which is more flexible or thin. This device is an combination of carbon nanotubes with cellulose based on paper. The paper battery can act in two ways, A battery as well as a super capacitors . These is non-toxic, flexible batteries can be used as a power source of to next generation electronic devices, medical devices, hybrid vehicles, etc.

working of paper battery:-

A paper battery is a ultra-thin,Are environmentally friendly and flexible energy storage battery made of carbon nano tubes and paper or cellulose. The paper battery can be performed as a super capacitor and also it can be used as a high energy battery. The paper battery is also known as Nano Composite Paper since it is constructed from carbon nano tubes and paper. The energy storage industry is in the hot seat. Electric cars or electronic devices are among the drivers of this demand for more efficient and smaller size batteries with higher storage capacity. Whether an single use or reusable, batteries have to be an disposed at the conclusion of their lives. Some of this components of an battery construction are toxic and hazardous. Enter the paper battery.

Paper Battery PPT:-

The Battery plays an vital role in almost all of this electronic machines and a necessary component in all the devices. It is aidful to the people to work in the absence of electricity but there are few issues with the present of electrochemical battery like.The batteries are of two types, they are primary and secondary which are rechargeable and non-rechargeable respectively. For a limited lifespan, the batteries provide electrical energy and whereas the rechargeable batteries can be recharged by providing electrical energy to the cell but they are very expensive.

Future Scope Of Paper Battery:

this is Scientists have developed batteries of this size slightly larger than a postal stamp that can produce energy that is enough to illuminate a small bulb. In this future we can expect a stack of paper batteries that is able to power up a car. These are the power source to next generation electronic devices, medical devices, pace makers, hybrid vehicles, etc.

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