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We are undergoing an era of social and political change that is, at the same time, the causes and effect of a state of incomprehension. Funding difficulties begin to push president deans and other leaders of higher level of education, that observe the impact on business to goes from the growth.

From The Age of Incomprehension To The Era Of Opportunities

The observed phenomena  (usally when considered in retrospect) were probably not unpredictable, but all of them properly catch even the most expert political, economic and social agents off-guard.

After the years in which the probability of another most desolation was considered unbelievable, we have servive an potent economic and financial crisis. simultaneously, but depend on something, we are witnessing extreme changes in political, economic and social models. The long held faith and assumptions are being arises the quetioned; institutions that have berth domestic and supranational policies for multiple years are severely weakened.

In the geopolitical part, the authority after the end of the Cold War, in which the United States appear as the only superpower, guarantor of an increasingly open and segregated world, consolidating a global order of ever more unsegregated democracies and market economies, has given way to a more unsure world. Now there is no longer a clear dominance power. Not only because the impact of the United States in the global economy that gets weak, but because other areas, especially Asia, are growing up more quickly. The United States, which during Obama’s presidency already reduced its involvement in foreign conflicts, after the election of President Trump, is appearing to repudiate its role as a global promoter of democracy, the rule of law, free trade and human rights to adopt a more one-party view and use its economic and military power. Only in defense of the absorption of the United States, in a much more action way.

Because the enfeeble the United States’ closest, unconditional pool of Western Europe, Japan, etc., and leaves Russia or China more places to expand their political and economic effect. Firstly in their near to hinterlands, and from there, to the rest of the world. Other smaller regional powers are also gain the ability to impact to their surrounding areas, increasing global unpredictavely.

At a time, international economic and/or political sector projects and the priceless trade agreements are losing momentum in different regions (Asia/ America, America/Europe). Even the European combination project, that has seen unmatched success for decades, now faces Brexit, deep disagreements with number of members in Central and Eastern Europe, and a growing frustration of Europeans with the common project.

At the root of the geopolitical shifts, we can detect changes deeply in nations, societies and citizens themselves; we see, around the world, the growth of autonomous political parties, as well as a dowhill trend in people’s participation and trust in politics, institutions, elections, and the liberal democratic system in general. In return, ‘state authoritarianism’ and what is sometimes called ‘direct’ democracy develop.

Political eloquence and its recital are also changing in the case of politicians, the media or social media, with an growing in polarization and a increasing tendency towards the ‘framing’ of the news or intended ways of disinformation, such as the use of ‘fake news’.

The conclusion of all this is a less transparent political debate focused on solving problems in the short term, one much more situated towards confrontation, the creation of enemies and the ‘othering’ of those who think differently, rather than the search for common ground.

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