TheBrightPost offers an easy way to sell Creative photos. The account owner creates a gallery, sets the photo price, and uploads the photos. TheBrightPost sells the photos as jpeg & png files and download purchases immediately upon receipt of payment. The maximum photo price that can be set is $100.

Account owner’s Will Recive Payment Direct to PayPal thier own account. TheBrightPost Don't transfers the balance in the account owner. For this reason, the email address used for the Account Owner account must be the same email used for the PayPal account.

Each account owner has a Personal Page exclusively of their active galleries. The url may be personalized, and there is the option to include an image and short bio, too.

The Catogories:
TheBrightPost offers Servral types of Catogories:

Catogories Galleries for all kinds of events, Greeting, Nature Place, etc. Fundraising Galleries for photos being sold to benefit a charitable cause. The account owner is responsible for organizing, identifying, and promoting the gallery to make it customer-friendly.

Photographers should be sure the people they photograph understand that the photos will be sold online.
Maximum file size is 5MB.

The long side of each photo should be at least 1600 pixels to allow the customer to print an 1x1.
Photo editing is not an option once a photo is posted.

Photos may be added to a Catogories at any time, and photos that have not sold may be deleted at any time.

All photos, including those in password-protected private Catagories, are subject to our Terms and Conditions. No Prohibited Content is allowed.

The Fees: There is a No registration fee. There are no posting fees.
TheBrightPost retains a commission on each photo that sells: On US accounts the sales commission is 5% on all photos. On non-US accounts the sales commission is 5% on photos priced $5 or less and 12% on all others.
Payments to our non-US account holders are subject to a 2% fee.
There is a $0 handling fee on each purchase. (This is per purchase, not per photo!)