10 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life

We all now are aware of the adverse situations that we might have to face while we’re on the run. Hence, it is always a good idea to be informed of certain tips that might help you in those difficult times. Remember, the reality is no movie where someone can save you; YOU are the person who’s going to save you from anything wrong that might come in your way! 

The Bright Post is sure that it’s better to be ready for all twists of fate. We have gathered 10 useful tips that we hope you’ll never have to use in reality.

1.Clenching Your Hands

The debate about that is simpler in an exceedingly|in a very} fight — a fist or a flat hand — is an old one. Most often, however, your hand mechanically clenches into a fist before a blow. The vital factor here is to try it without injuring your fingers. Don’t expose your thumb, however, don’t hide it under your fingers either: this will result in fracturing.

Don’t neglect using the flat of your hand during a fight: this sort of blow can come back as the addition of a surprise.

2.Breaking Free The Chord

The first and foremost thing you should do is leave some room for air. If your hands are being tied, clench your fist so that when you open it, there is enough space for your hands to move. If your body is being tied down, breathe in more air. Always remember, the more room there is left between you and your ties, the more chances you have to escape.

3. If you’ve been grabbed by the neck

Hit the attacker within the groin, or poke his eyes along with your fingers: pain will make him loosen his grasp.

4. In an elevator

Everyone is aware of that you simply shouldn’t get into an elevator with strangers which you’d higher leave if someone suspicious enters after you. Make it a habit to stand with your back to the part of the wall where the buttons are. It’s higher to press a button for your fellow traveler than to let him stop the elevator and get stuck between floors with him.

5.The Vulnerable Areas

Keep a note of these vulnerable areas of the body. Strike a blow at one of these areas of the attacker to increase the chances of your escape. Remember, the blow should be as hard because it will and as swiftly as it can be! Don’t try to give more time to the attacker to analyze your next steps!

6. Use the materials on hand

While you’re being attacked, use anything that comes to your hand as a self-defense object. Our purse can serve as a shield from a knife assault (just don’t press it too close to your body); your scarf can be thrown in an attacker’s face to buy you a couple of seconds. Umbrellas, bags, and even small change in your pocket are often of help. Keys are one of the best tools that you can use for poking the attacker as hard as you can!

7. Use security apps

Put trendy ways to use: applications like Family locater, bSafe, and others will allow you to track the movements of your friends and relatives or send out a distress signal if necessary.

8. Keep your pepper spray in the right place

There’s no purpose to keep a spray can in your bag if there’s a bottomless black hole within. Assaults sometimes occur unexpectedly, and you have to snatch out your defensive tool as quickly as possible. Keep it in your pocket thus you’ll be able to promptly use it and run away.

9. In a car

As within the case of the elevator, it’s possible to prevent an assault. In addition to the quality rule of not going in a car with strangers, you can pointedly tell someone on the phone (or at least write down) the car’s number, color, and destination for your driver to see and listen to. If an assault still happens, aim for vulnerable areas: groin, nose, and eyes.

10. Learn to administer first aid.

If you have got neglected them until now, here are the essential rules of providing first aid. There may be a situation where you or someone else is injured, and a hospital might not be immediately available. In this case, your first aid measures may save a life.

Here’s all about the first aid techniques, if there’re some other things that you need to know from us, put them up in the comments below and we will surely post such tips in our next posts!

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