Labour Day 2019 || International Workers' Day || May Day Best Wishes & Greetings

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Labour Day 2018 ||  International Workers' Day || May Day Best Wishes & Greetings

May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on 1 May . It is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the Festivial.In the late 19th century, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago. International Workers' Day may also be referred to as "May Day", but it is a different celebration from the traditional May Day.
 International Labour Day
1. Stand for something without falling for anything ! Happy International workers day
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2. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Happy May Day
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3. God sells us all things at the price of Workers. Happy International Workers Day
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4. Let us celebrate the workers day, Those built up this Great Land, Happy International workers day
International Workers Day
5. Worker disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace Worker. Happy International workers day.
May Day Wishes,Greetings
6. May your day be filled with blessings, Like the sun that lights the sky. A very Happy May Day
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7. May arrives … It’s soft and gentle, the first day of may! Happy May Day
labour day usa,labour day australia
8. “Always look at work as an opportunity to do something new and put in all your labour to do it effectively…. Wishing you a very Happy International Labour’s Day my dear….. Just keep working hard!!!”
9. “Labour Day always reminds me of all the labour you have put in shaping our lives….. There is no way I can thank you for all your hard work and time that you have invested in us….. Wishing you a very Happy Labour’s Day.”

Labour Day or International Worker's Day
10. “Any kind of labour that uplifts humanity comes with respect and dignity and it should be taken with grace…. There is no work that is insignificant….. Sending warm wishes to you International Labour Day.”
11. If you will labour today then you can enjoy and relax tomorrow…. Pains of today bring gains in future…. So never shy away from working hard….. Wishing you a very warm and wonderful International Labour Day.”
May Day
12. Genius begins great works, labour alone finishes them. - Happy Labour Day
labour day australia,labour day 2018
13. Labour disgraces no man; Unfortunately You occasionally find men who disgrace Labour - Happy Labour Day
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