Messages of Simple and powerful meditation

Yoga is not about Touching your Toes, its is what you Learn on the way Down.

Live the Actual Moment. only this Actual Moment is Life.

The body iS your temple. Keep it pure and Clean for the soul to reside in.

With each inhale lift your Heart Closer to the Sun with each exhale root your heels more Deeply in the ground.

Train your mind to see Something Good in Everything.

The sun bas once Brought Brightness To earth !Lazy Bone. Its time 2 wake up Good Morning…

Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim, the Better your Practice The Brighter your flame.

Each Morning we are born again. what we Do Today isĀ  what Matters most.

Yoga is the Journey of the self, through the self.

Yoga is not about self improvement. it’s about self acceptance.