8 worst exercises for people over 40 | best fitness Secrets

Here are best health tips related with worst exercises for people over 40 that are benificial to know everyone about this. This is because the age of the people whose bones, muscles, tenndos are not avtively work than younger.

worst exercise for people

1. Chronic cardio

If you are over 40 years old and new to exercise, you should always careful about your body, because joint and back pain are seriously in this age. According to expert tolerance training is also beneficial for bone density, muscle mass and cell health. In modern days, cardio is great for your cardiovascular system. But if you are over 40 and frequently gain in intense cardio routines, it can be difficult on your muscles, bones and health.

2. Standing toe touch

Standing toe touch is bad for your back, the back parts hamstrings are tight. So, you reach over and touch your toes are harmful, it causes an injury. After workout, you can perform static stretches, if your muscles are warm, improve your flexibility.

3. Press Behind Neck

This exercise must to be avoided over the age of 40, it puts you in an unnatural position that compresses neck artery. The compression of artery can cause dizziness, headache, and fainting. In most of the cases it can even result in a neck fracture as well as it is a move designed to bulk up shoulder muscles. Insted of this you can focus on flexibility with shoulder rolls, rotating outstretched arms, and pressing each arm across your body toward the opposite direction of shoulder.

4. Leg extension

This is a type of exercise done on a machine. which involves lifting a weight with your legs. But when you fully extend your knees to bear a weight, It starts lot of stress on joints. Knee strain causes joint pain and discourage you from any kind of fitness.

5. Sit-ups crunches

Sit up and crunches is benifical for us but after age 40, it becomes harder to keep off.  While sit-ups and crunches can strengthen the muscles beneath that fat, they stop do much to burn it. To slim down your waist,  you can focus instead on reducing the amount of trans fat and sugar in your diet and making sure you get  minimum cardio.

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