7 Foods of Blood Thinning | Reduce The Risk Of Blood Clots

These are the 7 tips that lead as natural blood thinners and help to reduce the risk of clots. A blood can prevents ccelerating bleeding when blood vessel.

The blood must flow continuously and smoothly thought the body for an entire life is more important. Blood clots can form when your blood does not flow properly. If it pools in human blood vessels or heart, the platelets are more likely to stick together. And this is causes the heart attack, cancer or stroke.

Following are the foods that are benificial to reduce the blood clots and it helps for blood thinner.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which is used to magnify the effect of these anti-clotting medications. The on of the best benefits of turmeric is its anti-thrombotic properties or ability to inhibit blood clotting and thinning the blood in the body. The turmeric contains the acids that reduces the risk of clogged arteries, strokes and heart attacks. It starts up to flows the blood in injected part of body.

2. Cayenne peppers

Cayenne peppers is the biggest useful spices of our daily life, it is used for everyday in our dish. Cayenne Peppers consist a powerful blood thinning effect on our body, because it has a high amount of salicylates in that. Rather than thinning your blood, cayenne peppers can used to lower your blood pressure and increase circulation.

3. Ginger

Ginger is also anti-inflammatory spice that may stop blood clotting. People may use fresh or dried ginger regularly in baking, cooking, and juices to get the anticoagulant effects of natural salicylates. Ginger and turmeric is in the same family that contains salicylate acid. Acetyl salicylic acid is used to derived from salicylate and it can help to prevent stroke.

4. Garlic

Garlic is the one of the spices that are used single or compund with other spices for many dishes. It includes in daily food of everyone. It provides the delicious test to the food with more benefits for health as well. It used to keeps blood platelets sticking together, which reduces the risk of blood clots, and may have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering effects in human body as well as animals body .

5. Feverfew

Feverfew is a medicinal herb which is mostly available in Asia. The people getting a feverfew for migraines, digestive disorders and for fever. Feverfew may also one of the source of the blood thinner by discourging the active platelets and prevent blood clotting.

6. Bromelain

bromelain for reduce blood clots

Pineapple is the fruits that provide enzyme contain from bromelain by extracting them. These is an effective natual remedy for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure patients. Bromelain is an enzyme that people extract from pineapples. It may be an effective remedy to provide benefits for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.
According to study many expert suggests that bromelain can provide thin the blood, break down blood clots, and reduce clot formation. The enzyme by bromelain also has anti-inflammatory properties which is useful for reducing blood clots.

7. Cassia cinnamon

Cinnamon consist coumarin, it is a powerful blood-thinning agent. The most commonly used blood-thinning drug is warfarin and it has derived from coumarin. This Cinnamon stick is best for diet for natural blood thinners.

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