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High or low pulse rates could be indication of a serious condition. But many people do not recognise the symptoms, so the underlying causes often go undiscovered.It takes several electrodes patches stuck to individual’s chest to check and get this information. Having it available through the watch could lead to speedier analysis of atrial fibrillation, an unpredictable and regularly fast pulse that can increase an individual’s danger of stroke, heart failure and other heart-related disease.

Apple Watch Series 4 motivates you to live a healthier life by helping you oversee everything from regular stress to calories consumed. At the time, it monitors your heart pulse and inform you if it identifies something of concern.

The Apple Watch 4 often referred to as an EKG or ECG, with help of this apple watch, health care providers check the electricity in a patient’s heart. This is one the exciting technology which hopefully can help to alleviate the public health burden of AFib (Atrial fibrillation) by
diagnosing it earlier and taking steps to prevent heart complications.

In the United States, AFib affects up to 6.1 million people, a number that researchers expect will double by 2050. AFib doubles the risk of heart related death and increases an individual’s chance of having a stroke fivefold which cause serious heart failure. In real time, capturing important data about an individual’s heart, is changing the way we practice medicine.


How Apple Watch Series 4 help you to monitor your heart health :

Each time you heart beats, it sends an electrical impulse or wave through your heart. The portrayal representation of those waves provides two
types of crucial data:

  • To what extent it takes for each electrical wave to pass through the heart. This determines if a heartbeat is moderate, quick, unpredictable or
  • How the electrical waveform goes through the heart. This can indicate if the heart is excessively expansive or exhausted.

To take the test via the Apple Watch 4, a user must have the ECG app and follow on-screen instructions to place a finger on the screen for 30 seconds. Using electrodes present in the watch face and a new electrical heart rate sensor in the back crystal, the app will determine if the heart is beating normally or whether it detects signs of atrial fibrillation. All recordings and any noted symptoms are stored in the Health app and can generate a PDF that can be shared with your health care experts.

Benefits of Having Apple Watch Series 4

  • Apple Watch Series 4 help you in regularly monitoring your heart throughout the day, so you can check your pulse rate anytime, anywhere and keep track of your heart’s performance.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 checks your pulse rate regularly and informs you about irregularities, so you can take immediate action and consult your doctor in case of seroius condition.

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