Lung Cancer Types, Pictures, Symptoms,Conditions & Treatment

 The Lung cancer occurs when abnormal cells in one or a both lungs grow in an a uncontrolled way.A lungs are the part of the body’s respiratory system. They are made up by a series of airways called bronchi and bronchioles that end in tiny air sacs called a ‘alveoli’.Lung cancer is one of the most common and very serious types of cancer.Smoking cigarettes is the single biggest risk factor and is a responsible for about 90% of all cases.Cancer that of begins in the lungs is called ‘primary lung cancer’. And There are two main types of a “primary lung cancer ” which are classified by the type of cells in which the cancer starts.
They are:
1.non-small cell lung cancer (of which there are three different types: squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma)
2.small cell lung cancer

What Is Lung Cancer:-

 The Lung cancer starts in the cells of the lung. A cancer tumour is a group of cancer cells that can grow into and destroy nearby tissue. It can also be spread to other parts of the body. When a cancer starts in lung cells, it is called as a “primary lung cancer”.The lung is part of a respiratory system. You use your lungs when you breathe.

Lung Cancer Treatments:-

The Lung cancer are a treated using a combination of treatments such as a chemotherapy, radiation, and a variety of surgical procedures (such as wedge resections, pneumonectomies, and segmental resections). Learn about a complications and side effects of a treatment options and why they occur. In Created by Amanda Grieco.

Lung Cancer Symptoms:-

There are a usually no signs and symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer. However, a symptoms develop as the disease progresses.They main symptoms of lung cancer are listed below. If you have a any of these, seey your doctor:

1.a new or changed cough that does not go away
2.persistent chest infections
3.coughing up blood; this is called ‘haemoptysis’
4.unexplained persistent wheezing or breathlessness
5unexplained persistent tiredness or lack of energy
6.unexplained persistent weight loss or loss of appetite
7.persistent chest or shoulder pain
9.bronchitis or pneumonia that keeps coming back.

Lung Conditions:-

The Asbestosis is a lung disease caused by a exposure to asbestos dust. Inhaling is a asbestos dust can cause scarring in the lungs and in the pleural membrane (lining that surrounds the lungs).

The Asthma is a long-term of respiratory condition caused by hypersensitivity (over-reacting to things) and inflammation (swelling and redness) of the airways.

The Bronchiectasis is a condition in which a airways in the lungs are damaged, causing the airways to become permanently widened.

4.Chest infection:-
A Chest infections are common, especially in winter and may occur with a cold or the flu. People of all ages can get chest infections.

5.Pleural effusion:-
A pleural effusion is an a abnormal build-up of fluid around your lungs. This can be cause pressure on the lungs, making breathing difficults. It can be a sign of serious illness.

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