3 Neck Exercises To Keep Your Head High and Pain Low

neck exercise

When your neck and upper back muscles become weak, the head sags forward and increased stress is placed on the cervical spine, which can become cause to neck pain. When setting your fitness goals, you are probably not making a list of exercises under the “neck” category, right?
Neck support a lot of weight that of your head and is directly connected to your spine. It bears a lot of responsibility in keep your headaches at bay and your alignment in check. Here are 3 neck exercises that strengthen without bulking, you should try.

1. Neck Isometric Exercise

Woman holding hand to forehead doing neck isometric exercise.
Woman holding hand to back of head doing neck isometric exercise.


At start, sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Your weight should be slightly forward so that you are balanced evenly on your buttocks. Relax your shoulders slowly and keep your head level. Try to keep balance with support of arms of chair.

  • Press your palm against your forehead. Resist with your neck muscles. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat process 5 times.
  • Do the exercise again, pressing on the side of your head. Repeat process 5 times. Switch sides.
  • Repeat the exercise again, pressing on the back of your head. Repeat process 5 time.

For safety purpose, check with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program and make sure it will not harm your body.

2. Grounded Tipover Tuck

Here’s a relaxing stretch for your neck and shoulders that can also help relieve headaches and drowsiness.

Come into Child’s Pose with your shins and forehead on the floor. Stay here for a few breaths, working on lengthening your spine as you relax your chest to your thighs. When you’re ready, interlace your hands behind you in a double fist. If you can, press the heels of your palms together to increase the stretch in your shoulders. 

Then lift your hands as high as you can. Inhale to shift your weight forward and lift your hips off your heels. Come to rest on the top of your head and extend your hands as close to the floor as you can. Stay here for 10 seconds and then lower your hips back to your heels. Stay here for 10 seconds, and then lift your hips up again. Continue this cycle five or more times, then release into Child’s Pose with your arms on either side of your legs. Read More…

3. Try Side-to-Side Stretch

Stretching your neck could help relieve pain and make it more flexible. Try this stretching exercise at home. It just takes about a minute and it’s easy to do.

  • First, turn your head to the right side slowly.
  • Gently push your temple with your right hand to turn your head a bit more.
  • Keep this position for atleast 10 seconds and then release slowly.
  • Repeat above procedure 3 times, then change sides.

You may feel slight discomfort while stretching, but you should feel looser and better once you done. If you have more neck pain, consult your health care professional first. Read More…

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