Best Health Quotes To Inspire Healthy Lifestyle

There are more problems in achieve upon a solution of human health. A human may act physically strong, defiant to virus, and able to cope with physical hardship and other features of his or her physical environment and still be considered delicate if his or she mental state, as consistent by behaviour, is deemed unsound. Mental health can itself be defined variously.

“Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice.”
― Mary Berry

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”
― Jess C Scott

“Money cannot buy health, but I’d settle for a diamond-studded wheelchair.”
― Dorothy Parker

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”
― Louis Pasteur

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” ~Benjamin Franklin

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”

~Hannah Green

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”

~Terri Guillemets

“Health of body and mind is a great blessing, if we can bear it.”

~John Henry Cardinal Newman

“Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling”
~ Tony DeLiso

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