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 A International Chess Day is observed on a July 20 of every year. International Chess Day celebrates on the game chess in many countries around of the world. Chess is a strategic game played between two using a 64 square checkered board and the person who captures the king of the other is considered to be the winner. Chess is the only sport that is played and celebrated by the majority of adults and kids in the world. Chess is a unique indoor game that can be learnt quickly but challenging to master.

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The International Chess Day was founded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) in on the year 1924. A UNESCO proposed the idea to in celebrate the day in an international aspect in 1966. In a 2013 International Chess Day was an a grandly celebrated in 178 countries. This year, are the FIDE will be a celebrating its a 94th anniversary. The motivate for the creation of the day is to raise the number of chess players around the world and also to encourage everyone to try this fantastic game.

You may be not know its , but 20th July marks International Chess Day or Melburnians are being encouraged to play a game of chess and contribute to the tally to set a new records.

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Make its a point on International Chess Day to a play the game frequently. Dust your an a chess board from the loft and find a partner to play in chess with you. If you don’t know the game, then take International Chess Day as an opportunity to learn the game.

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 This day is a usually an celebrated globally by professional and regular chess players and also by learners. This day aims to promote the game and its various benefits. Chess lovers can invite their friends over to celebrate the sport with a match and by this way you can encourage others to play the game.

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The idea to an a be celebrate this day as the international chess day was proposed by UNESCO, and it has been celebrated as such since 1966. We wish you all chess lovers of A happy chess day.

Chess is one of the most ancient on Earth of games, invented in India in the fifth century of our era. Shah Mat in this phrase sounds in Persian language as a “the king is dead”. the Gradually spreading a around the world, in Russia the game came to about in the ninth century. Habitual view of chess became closer to the XV century, and the rules were standardized in the nineteenth century, when they began to be international tournaments.

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Don’t own a chessboard? Never fear! You can either register your workplace online to receive a free chessboard for the day, or visit a participating local coffee shop offering the free use of a chessboard on the day.

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This celebration is held by the decision of FIDE the International chess organization (founded in 1924).The name of the game originates from Persian: checkmate the king is dead. India is a birthplace of chess.

The chaturanga game which is the ancestor of the chess game appeared in the V century. On the territory of Russia, chess appeared in IX-X centuries approximately.

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