Best Cool Morning Barn Day

The sixth annual Madison County Barn Day on Saturday, May 18 begins with a tour (starting at 1:30pm) and continues at Steen’s Barn (431 South Main Street in Mars Hill). It’s a full event beginning with a guided tour of some of the local barns followed by food and background music by legendary fiddler Roger Howell. You will also have a chance to bid on some unique items in our silent auction.Wear comfortable shoes for the tour when architect and history buff Taylor Barnhill will take his guests up to and then inside a few of the barns to point out many of the hidden clues that reveal the age and historical significance of the structure. Each stop on the tour will include time for a question-and-answer session. Our showcase barns (for those stops) this year include the Anderson Barns in Beech Glen, a popular stop with its history going back to pre-Civil War times.

Through the ample open door of the peaceful country barn, A sun-lit pasture field, with cattle and horses feeding; And haze, and vista, and the far horizon, fading away.
-Walt Whitman

It’s what you sow that multiplies, not what you keep in the barn.
-Adrian Rogers

When I speak of home, I speak of the place where in default of a better–those I love are gathered together; and if that place where a gypsy’s tent, or a barn, I should call it by the same good name notwithstanding.
-Charles Dickens

My decorating and renovation skills are nil – indeed, I once used a shower curtain from Pottery Barn as ‘window dressing.’

-Candace Bushnell

Having been let out of the barn once, I know I wouldn’t be happy if I were home all the time.

-Meryl Streep

I have a studio in a barn at home – we rehearse there, we film there and we record there. It’s fun to hang out with my guys and see what comes out next.

-James Taylor

The more the wicked abound, so much the more must we suffer with them in patience; for on the threshing floor few are the grains carried into the barns, but high are the piles of chaff burned with fire.
-Pope Gregory I

I’m a doctor of cowshit, pigshit, and chickenshit…..when you doctors figure out what you want, you’ll find me out in the barn shoveling my thesis.
-Kurt Vonnegut

I love being outdoors and being with animals, and when you’re on a horse, you have to leave your anxieties and worries behind in the barn. It’s very therapeutic.

-Deborah Harkness

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