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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches || 20 Magical cockroach killer Remedies

Cockroaches are one of the most common household insects. They visit our home in search of food and water. The three most common types of cockroaches are the German, Oriental and American roaches. However, there are several pesticides available in the market to get rid of cockroaches. In this article, we are going to tell you home remedies to get rid of cockroaches from our house.
1. Cedar oil As a Cockroach Repellent
Cedar cone essential oils have insecticide properties and can be used to combat roaches. Thujone, which is an essential oil found in many varieties of cedar is renowned for its insect-repelling properties. Cedar oil is one of this natural insect-repelling oil. It is very effective against all insects and arthropods. When the cockroaches come into contact with cedar oil, they suffer from osmotic dehydration problems and suffocation problem. Cedar oil also emulsifies the insect’s body fats and kills them. The advantages of using cedar oil remedy are pleasant aroma which makes it perfect for home use. Dip cotton balls in cedarwood essential oil and place them where cockroaches are generally available. Repeated use of cedarwood essential oil will drive cockroaches away. Cedar balls and blocks can also be used.

2. Keep Cockroaches Away With Peppermint Oil
Peppermint is a natural remedy for cockroach repellent and insecticide that repels and kills insects. Take Peppermint oil mixed with vinegar aids in getting rid of cockroaches. Wipe all your surfaces with peppermint oil. You can also add few drops of peppermint oil to 1 part of white vinegar and two parts of water and mix well and pour it into a spray bottle. Then Spray in places where you find cockroaches.

3. Citrus Hystrix Essential Oil for Cockroach Repellent
Citrus Hystrix aka Kaffir lime essential oil has been proved it is very effective oil for cockroaches repellent as compared to another essential oil. It has 100% repellent against certain types of cockroaches and an impressive success against other cockroach types.Dilute citrus Hystrix essential oil in ethanol and spray on cockroach-infested areas.

4. Neem oil Poison for cockroaches
Neem is a medicinal plant which has various type of uses and one of them being to interrupt with a cockroach’s life cycle. Neem oil and leaf oil contain an active compound called azadirachtin which is deadly to near about all insects. The azadirachtin found in neem oil destabilizes the insect’s hormonal systems. Exposure to neem oil can impede the cockroach's ability to reproduce. Take equal amount of neem oil and water, mix well and spray this solution where cockroaches are available. You can regularly be cleaning using neem oil. It is also highly effective.

5. Use Bay Leaves To Get Rid Of Cockroaches
Bay leaves, is a common kitchen ingredient, can cause your cockroaches to out of your home. One of the best non-violent methods, using bay leaves also involves very little exercise in your fight against roaches. Bay leaves are a natural remedy for cockroach. Place bay leaves where you find cockroaches, such as on kitchen tops and near appliances. Burning bay leaf can provide added protection.

6. Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast With Lemon
Lemon is very useful for our health like it is beneficial for skin and improving our digestion problem. It works both internally and externally in our body. And it is greatly useful to get rid of cockroaches too. Cut the lemons into wedges and squeeze the juice. Mix this juice with water but ensure that the lemon smell is still strong and not over diluted. Use this mixture to mop any areas in your home.
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7. Garlic, Onion & Red Pepper Cockroaches Repellents
Take Pepper, Garlic, Onion and Mix well these ingredients together they seem like the basis for a fine curry, but the trio works wonders together as a natural remedy for cockroach repellent. The smell of these three is very strong so this suffocates the cockroaches. Take Grind onion and garlic and add pepper powder and make a paste. Then add water and bring to boil. Pour it in a spray bottle after the liquid cools. Sprinkle in areas that are cockroach-prone. You can also add cayenne pepper to the solution before boiling.

8. The Best Ways to Kill Cockroaches Using Coffee
Cockroaches love coffee and that’s why cockroaches easily get attracted by the smell of coffee. Using coffee powder as bait, you can throw cockroaches out. It is a very easy method to get rid of cockroaches. Add the coffee grounds to the jar and fill halfway with water. Place the jar in an area where cockroaches frequent. Leave the jar for at least one week before disposing of. Replace the jar weekly as needed.

9. Cucumber repel cockroaches
Cucumber is the best remedy for cockroach repellent and it is extremely safe. The smell of cucumber is strong so this suffocates the cockroaches. And it can be used to deter the insects. Place Cucumber slices where you find cockroaches.

10. Pandan Leaves as a Natural Cockroach Repellent
Pandan leaves are common cooking ingredient is used in Asian countries can cause your cockroaches to out of your home.Cockroaches find the smell of the leaf to be not tolerable. Place pandan leaves where you find cockroaches. Replace the leaves with fresh ones frequently.

11. Catnip Best Cockroach Repellent
Catnip is the natural plant contains nepetalactone, which is oil that creates the strong smell that gives cats their high. That smell is not tolerant of cockroaches. So place some catnip around your home. You can also boil catnip and pour the extract in a spray bottle for easy use and spray the solution where you find cockroaches.

12. Boric Acid for Cockroach
Boric acid acts like natural insecticide that will treat all type of home insect problems. It is greatly used for cockroach repellent. Boric acid is commonly found in stores or medicals. You should apply some boric acid inside of your kitchen cabinets and leave for a few days and place a thin layer of powder along the side of walls, as well as behind all your units.
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13. Listerine as cockroach Repellent
Listerine is the mouthwash product. Listerine is more than a mouthwash because it is used for cockroach repellent also. Add the Listerine, water and dish soap to the spray bottle. Gently shake to combine the ingredients. Spray this mixture in any affected areas and leave to dry.

14. Soap Solution kills the cockroach
Dish soap you are used to washing your dishes. Dish soap is also used for cockroach repellent. The soap solution dissolves the waxy coats of roaches that keeps them hydrated, and so they die of dehydration. Add the  Dish soap and the warm water to the spray bottle. Mix well until several bubbles form. Spray the affected areas with the Dish soap. Leave to dry and come back to remove any cockroaches. Repeat the use of this spray daily until roaches are no longer found in the sprayed areas.

15. Petroleum Jelly Trap
The petroleum jelly is very useful for our skin and hair. It is easily available in the market. The petroleum jelly is also used for cockroach repellent. The petroleum jelly trap works wonders for trapping and killing any pesky cockroaches that are making their way around your home. The petroleum jelly is sticky. That's why The stickiness and thickness of the petroleum jelly will trap the cockroaches in place and allow them to die in the trap.

16. Fabric Softener Spray Remedies to Kill Cockroaches
The spraying fabric softener is used for killing cockroaches; you can take a fabric softener and water then mix both properly in the ratio of 3:2. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray on the cockroaches and in the areas where they found.

17. Hair Spray kills Cockroaches
Hairspray product is easily found in our home. The hairspray is also used for killing cockroaches. Spray the hairspray on cockroaches directly for quicker results. Considering the impossibility of targeting every cockroach at home, you may spray on the areas where you find many cockroaches.

18. Ammonia Solution to Get Rid Cockroaches
The smell of ammonia is used to get rid of cockroaches. The ammonia getting pungent smell it repels cockroaches away. You want to use this remedy, so take water and ammonia and mix well. Spray the solution on the infested areas till you sight the last, hopefully, of the cockroaches.

19. Baking Soda and Sugar best remedy for cockroaches
The baking soda is used for various home remedy. A chemical reaction of baking soda can be badly upset the stomach of cockroaches and kill them. Take baking soda and sugar in equal part and mix together sprinkle it in corners and baseboards. The sugar will attract the insect, and the consumption of baking soda will kill them.

20. Garlic Cloves effective remedy for cockroaches
Place the Fresh Garlic Cloves in the Affected Area. Because the smell of garlic is very strong. So the cockroaches will not tolerate the smell of garlic.

Do’s and Don’ts to get rid of cockroaches.

1. A clean place is very important, to get rid of cockroaches from the home.     So clean your home every day.

2. Perform a deep clean your home once a month

3. Before going to the bed for sleeping, Wash used dishes.

4. Seal all cracks and holes to check cockroach entry.

5. Check water leaks and fix them.

6. Keep all food in tightly sealed containers.

1. Don't leave any dirty dishes overnight. Any leftovers food in your kitchen sink will develop a stench, which may be a magnet to draw cockroach attention to crawling around the sink.

2. Don't stack card boxes and old newspaper in one corner of your house. This unclean habit can unknowingly make a great hiding place for cockroach.
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In this article, we have told you some Unexpected Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches. If you have more information related to it you can share with us. If you have any queries you can ask in the comment.

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