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Natural remedies to lighten dark lips || Best Cure For Dark Lips
Pink lips are a most important element of a woman and man’s charm which add to their appeal. There is no doubt, naturally rosy and pink lips look visually appealing. Some of the main causes of dark lips are excessive exposure to direct sunlight, an allergic reaction, use of low-quality cosmetics, chewing tobacco, excessive smoking, high caffeine intake, and hormonal imbalances. There are a number of reasons but darker lips are one of the common problems affecting people of all ages. Dark lips can cause embarrassment people lose confidence. However, there are many ways to lighten dark lips. Here are some natural remedies to help and treat lighten dark lips.
Honey Cure of Dark Lips
Honey is a natural ingredient to treat lips that have turned dark with age and other external factors. Honey has many beauty benefits, one of the benefits is that it can soften lips and give your lips a pink glow.


How to use
Apply honey overnight, every day.
Apply it your lips and let it dry.
Don’t wash off.

Lemon juice Best Treatment for Dark Lips
This is the perfect dark lips treatment that you can do at home. Lemon is used commonly to treat darker patches and spots of skin and the lemon juice remove the tan.

Lemon juice

How to use
Apply lemon juice on your lips.
Massage freshly squeezed lemon juice on your lips overnight before you go to sleep.

Strawberry & Petroleum Jelly Best Treatment for Dark Lips
This remedy not only cures dark lips but also help to get rid of chapped lips.

1 tbs Strawberry juice
2 tbs Petroleum Jelly

How to use
1 tbs Strawberry juice with 2 tbs Petroleum Jelly on your lips.
Use this mixture as lip balm daily on your lips.

Cucumber Juice Remedy For Dark Lips
The daily application of cucumber juice will rejuvenate your lips and also help to lighten them.

Cucumber juice
Cotton ball

How to use
Blend half a cucumber to make some fresh cucumber juice.
Cool the juice in the refrigerator.
Dip the cotton ball in the cool juice and apply the juice on your lips.
Keep it on for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it off.
Do this once every day.

Raspberries Cure for Dark Lips
There are many berries like strawberries and raspberries that can solve your problems of dark lips. Raspberries contain vital minerals and vitamins, needed for your lips to remain healthy and vibrant.

Aloe Vera

How to use
Make a paste by mixing raspberries along with pure honey and Aloe Vera juice.
Apply and leave it for at least five minutes.
And wash it off.
Dark Tanned Lips Ayurvedic Treatment
Essential Oil Make Pink Lips
Some oils can be good for the lips like Clove oil, mustard oil, tea tree oil. Among all oil Olive oil is mostly used as it is easily available and gives you best result for dark and patchy lips.
Olive oil
How to use
Apply Olive oil to your lips before going to sleep.
Tip: Use oil as per your choice.
Coconut Oil For Dark Lips
Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids that keep your lips healthy and hydrated. Replenished lips will be soft and pink.
Virgin coconut oil
How to use
Use coconut oil as a lip balm during the day.
Apply a tiny amount and spread it out with your fingertip.
Apply coconut oil before going to bed.
Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment For Dark Lips
Apple cider vinegar acts as a natural lightening agent and will remove the pigmentation from the lips.

1 tbs apple cider vinegar
1 tbs water
How to use
Dilute the vinegar in the water.
Dab this on your lips with cotton and let it dry.
Rinse after 10 to 12 minutes with lukewarm water.
Do this once daily.
Baking Soda Best Remedy For Dark Lips
Baking soda exfoliates and removes dead cells and brings healthy and pink skin to the surface.
1 tsp baking soda
Toothbrush (optional)
Lip balm or olive oil
How to use
Mix some water with the baking soda to form a paste.
Apply this paste on your lips and scrub in a gentle circular motion with a toothbrush or your fingertip.
Scrub for two to three minutes.
Rinse thoroughly, pat dry and apply a lip balm or some olive oil.
Use the baking soda scrub every alternate day.

Tip: Do not use apple cider vinegar as an overnight application as exposure to its acidity for such a long period of time may damage the skin
Coconut Oil For Dark Lips
Aloe Vera For Dark Lips
Aloe vera contains a flavonoid called aloesin. This polyphenolic compound inhibits the pigmentation process in the skin, thus causing lightening of the lips.

Aloe vera gel
How to use
Apply a thin layer of fresh Aloe Vera gel on the lips and let it dry.
Rinse with lukewarm water.
Repeat this once every day for best results.
Ice cubes Help Making Rosy Lips
When massaging your lips with ice cubes, It will keep the lips nourished, moisturized and fresh.
Ice cubes

How to use
Rubbing ice cubes over your lips.
Glycerine Best Way to Get Rid Of Dark Lips
Glycerine treatment retains the moisture and prevents drying, thus helping to get rid of dark lips
Cotton ball

How to use
Apply glycerine over your lips with a cotton ball before going to bed.
Do this every night.
Sugar scrub Home Remedy For Dark Lips
Sugar works as an excellent scrub to exfoliate lips and also helps get rid of the unwanted dead skin. The butter moisturizes your lips and makes soft and rosy lips.
3 tbs Sugar
2 tbs Butter
How to use
Take three spoons of sugar and mix it with two spoons of butter to make a thick paste. Use this mixture on your lips to exfoliate them. The added butter moisturizes your lips. Like your skin, your lips also need to be exfoliated regularly. Try this scrub two or three times a week for lighter lips.
Beetroot Slice Home Remedy For Dark Lips
The juice that oozes out of the beetroot and onto your lips will remove the tan from the lips naturally and colour your lips too. It cleanses the skin and keeps it supple. Its antioxidants will also keep the skin young and healthy.

Red beetroot
How to use
Slice the beetroot and store in the refrigerator.
Scrub a cool beetroot slice on your lips for few minutes.
You can wash the beetroot juice after 15-20 minutes.
Rosewater Cure For Dark Lips
Rosewater stimulates blood flow to the lips and nourishes it. It brightens the colour of the lips and also enhances cell renewal.
Cotton ball
How to use
Dip the cotton ball in the rosewater and apply it on the lips.
Rub the cotton gently on the lips a couple of times.
Leave the rosewater on and go to bed.
Clean your lips every night with rosewater.
Do this once every day.
Cucumber Natural Remedy For Dark Lips
Cucumber contains an agent of skin lightening. It removes discolouration and lightens lips fast.
Cucumber Slice
How to use
Rub your lips with a slice of cucumber for some minutes.
Your lips absorb cucumber juice and it fades black lines from the lips.
Use rose petals For Dark Lips
Rose petals use to get rid of dark lips and make pink tinge on your lips.  When applied rose petals to your lips will give your lips a naturally rosy colour.
Rose petal
Milk Cream
How to use
Make a paste with a rose petal, honey, and milk cream.
And scrub your lips.
Scrub your lips twice a week
In this article, we have told you some natural remedies to lighten dark lips. If you have more information related to it you can share with us. If you have any queries you can ask in the Comment. Thank You !
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