Do’s and Don’ts Social Media Marketing for Businesses

social media do's and don't
social media do's and don't


There are some simple and easy common sense best practices when it comes to creating and sharing content on social media. When you are ready to post, it’s important to do following:


1. First think, then post

Keep in mind what you post on your personal social media accounts can influence how people view your company. Think carefully about how posts that issue commentary on topics like religion, politics, or gender issues might impact your relationships with customers, vendors, and others in the business community.


2. Write for your readers

While writing content on social media, keep focus on type of content on what will help your audience and write it in a way that they will understand it in simple word. Simplifying your content doesn’t mean you have to dumb it down, but you should avoid overly complicated wording and sentence structure.


When contributing to the mass of content on social media as a business professional, we generally want to influence others by sharing something valuable, relevant, and non-offensive. Therefore, it’s important not to:


1. Don’t entertain haters, trolls, and other negative influences

Battling with haters, trolls is and always will be a lost cause. If you do, you will waste time and energy and creativity that you could be using to build your brand and serve your customers well.


2. Don’t try to be everywhere and do everything online

Not each and every social media platform will give results for your business. By trying to maintain too many media, you will become overwhelmed and dilute your effectiveness on those that matter the most. Stay active only on the accounts that give you the best return on your time and effort instead of trying to be everywhere.


3. Don’t post without proof-reading

If you publish posts on social media account without caring about grammar and spellings mistake, it will reflect poorly on your brand. Review what you wrote and fix mistakes, before making posts live. Review the content again after you publish it online because sometimes sneaky errors can slip by mistake, despite initial proofreading efforts.


4. Don’t try to ignore your followers questions, comments and messages

Ignoring your followers is the fast track to creating hard feelings, missing opportunities and damaging your business. Keep tabs on activity on your social media accounts and respond promptly to your followers messages. Try to respond each and every comments, questions of your followers.


5. Don’t use AI as a substitute for human interaction

Marketing automation saves your time, but never use it as a replacement for person-to-person communication on social media platform. Your followers expect to build a relationship with your brand, which can only be done if you are genuinely engaged with them for person-to-person communication.


6. Don’t stay too much on your competition.

Keeping eye on your competitors is essential, but more critical to your success is developing your business and delivering excellent service to your customers. Focus on your brand’s unique strengths and capabilities rather than trying to be a carbon copy of another company.

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