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11 Health Benefits Of Okra || Surprising benefits of eating okra everyday
Okra is a very common ingredient available in our kitchen. This easily available food is a combo pack of many important nutrients. Okra is known for its high nutritional values and recommended especially for weight loss.
1. Nutrients Rich Food
Okra is a combo pack of many required nutrients i.e, protein, fibre, calcium, iron, and zinc. It effectively works on treating malnutrition around the world. Okra is free of fat, cholesterol and sodium and contains a negligible amount of sugar, making it an ideal diet food.
2. Control Hunger with Okra
Okra is stacked with dissolvable fibres. This can help hold your calorie allow within proper limits, helping you with your weight reduction objectives.
3. Reduces Fatigue/Tiredness
fatigue is the biggest problem we are facing today because of unhealthy food habits and other effective measures. Not only old age people but the young ones are also having the fatigue problem. Early tiredness can be delayed by okra. Okra pods possess anti-fatigue activity, They contain antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids that promote glycogen storage in the liver. Glycogen is a body fuel, the more it in your body makes you more energetic.This is why okra is also good for individuals having depression.
4. Diabetes Mellitus
Okra helps to lower blood glucose levels, which result in managing diabetes mellitus.The study proved that okra seeds consist of enzyme alpha-glucosidase that inhibits the intestinal breakdown of carbohydrates to glucose. It increases sensitivity to insulin, and ensuring there are sufficient insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Sufficient insulin and less breakdown of carbs to glucose lowers blood sugar level.
5. Control Cholesterol Levels
Okra inhibits the production of fat and reduces cholesterol level in the body. You might at fatty food, cholesterol-rich foods, but okra helps you from preventing accumulation of cholesterol. It enhances excretion of bile acids (made from cholesterol) in the faeces thus it reduces cholesterol and fat deposition. okra can prevent clogging of arteries – protecting us from heart diseases like atherosclerosis.
health benefits of okra
6. Prevents Excessive Bleeding and Strengthen Bones
Vitamin K is the most required vitamin as it helps in strengthen bones and encourage clotting of blood. Okra consist of a high volume of vitamin k thus, it helps in preventing excessive bleeding due to injury or bleeding disorders and protects from osteoporosis and bone fractures.

7. Raise Immunity And Improve Eye Health
The average level of vitamin A present in Okra encourages the production of white blood cells, which plays a very important role in the immune system. okra will make your body strong enough to resist infections and diseases. Vitamin A also maintain eye health. The regular consumption of okra help in genetical eye disorder. It is beneficial to have okra in your diet if having a family history of weak eyesight.

8. Prevents Gastritis
Gastritis is the bacterial infection in the stomach lining that causes inflammation. Okra juice contains anti-adhesive compounds that resist bacteria in the gut. okra juice prevents H. Pylori infections and gastritis. It is important to add Okra in Children diet between 2 to 5 to resist H. Pylori infections.

9. Makes Liver Healthy
The prime detox organ of your body is Liver. So it is most important to maintain the health of liver. Studies say okra has the ability to reduce the effect of free radicals that causes liver diseases. Okra may have done as such by balancing out liver cell membranes, make them more protective against these free radicals.

10. Neurodegenerative Disorder
Okra helps to prevent other neurodegenerative diseases related to oxidative stress. It may helps to lessen the danger of Alzheimer's in people who are hereditarily inclined to it.
11. Damage Breast Cancer Cells
Okra efficiently kills the cell that causes breast cancer. It Inhibits the growth of breast tumour cells so we can effectively deal with the Breast Cancer. Including okra in your diet may help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Different Ways of Okra consumption
To maximize benefits of okra, you may consume it in different ways as mentioned below:

1. Okra Water
In full glass of water soak whole okra pods or sliced pods for overnight at room temperature. Strain out the pod, and drink the remaining water.

2. Okra Peel
The good way to avoid ingesting okra’s mucilaginous secretion directly consume about half a teaspoon of the peel at a time.

3. Okra Powdered Seeds
Buy available dried okra seed powder as it is difficult to separate the okra seeds from the pods. Consume this powder less than 5 gm in a day. If you are on diabetic medications check out the dosage with your doctor.
If you have more information related to it you can share with us. If you have any queries you can ask in the Comment. Thank You !
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